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Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Patients wearing braces or other clinical appliances must take great care not to eat hard or sticky foods, which could break brackets, bend wires and loosen bands, thereby extending the overall treatment time. The following are some examples of foods to eliminate from your diet while undergoing orthodontic treatment:

f-ice.jpgIce. . . Chewing on ice will likely crack the cement which bonds the braces to the teeth.
f-pretz.jpgHard Pizza Crusts, Pretzels, Taco Shells, Nuts, Bagels . . These foods could bend wires and knocks off the brackets
f-gb.jpgCandy, Caramel, Gummy bears, jaw breakers, Butterfinger bars . . . Junk foods like these compromise your treatment and lead to cavities
f-popcorn.jpgPopcorn ... You can eat popcorn, but be very careful not to bite down on any un-popped corn kernels
f-corn.jpgCorn on the cob, ribs . . . These foods can get caught under the wire and between brackets
f-gum.jpgBubble gum
Definitely do not chew gum!
f-carrots.jpgRaw, hard vegetables. . . It is a good idea to cook or shred any hard vegetables while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

It's this easy - Nothing Munchy, Crunchy or Chewy!