Contest Winners

Congratulations to our June Winners: 

Brynn E. & Maia G.

They both won Tim Cards! Want to win? Next time you are in, ask us how YOU can get a ballot for our monthly draw. Keep checking the Contest Winners tab on our website.

July's prize is a gift card for Tim Hortons! Good luck!

2024 Winners:

May: River S. & Jonathan W.

April: Abigail P. & Carson D.

March: Niharika S. & Brody K.

February: Melina W. & Evan S.

January: Danijela L. & Melanie D.

2023 Winners:

December: Emerest C. & Amanda A.

November: Adam S. & Selena F.

October: Jayden K. & Anessa C.

September: Riley F. & Hosep S.

August: Dakoda S. & Mason H.

July: Aidan A. & Daniella D.

June: Evan S. & Isabella S.

May: Erin M. & Elle M.

April: Bhavani R. & Adison T.

March:  Zoe P. & Sofia M.

February: Adam H. & Anastasia S.

January: Avery W. & Nicolas N.

2022 Winners:

December: Ella M. & Grace S.

September: Gabriel L. & Ella S.

August: Mila D & Alex A.

July: Caleb C. & Yasmin M.

May: Fiona L & Mohamed C.

April: Elias R. & Liam B.

March: Raelynn J. & Remas S.

February: Emily B. & Emilia O.

January: Gavin M. & Maya O.

2021 Winners:

November: Zoey Z. & Mario Y.

October: Alyssa G. & Yousif B.

September : Sydney C & Ayesha S.

July: Sam M. & Anjalia A.

June: Maksim S. & Elias R.

May: Sofia D. & Jason H.

April: Lyanne A. & Grace C

March: Lyanne A. & Grace C.

February: Abigail L. & Maximilian D.

January: Sylvia W. & Genevieve P.


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